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SME Corp. Malaysia ensures brand excellence with NMMB

SME Corp. Malaysia is committed to ensuring the excellence of Malaysian brands with the National Mark of Malaysian Brand (NMMB) certification programme.

Chief executive officer Rizal Nainy said in a statement that as Malaysia’s reopening is set to enter full steam by the third quarter, economic recovery efforts have also started to gather pace after a two-year slowdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

He says although the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector has been battered by multiple lockdowns, it is also starting to see more encouraging signs.

Nonetheless, business sentiment has remained unfavourable due to factors such as inflation, disruptions to supply chains as well as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to Bernama.

Amid such uncertainties, there is a need to continue to implement several initiatives to ensure SMEs in the country remain competitive by meeting the highest quality standards in their respective fields, he says.

“Through NMMB, it is hoped that the negative perception on quality of products and services by SMEs will be removed,” he says.

The NMMB certification programme has been spearheaded by SME Corp. Malaysia since 2009.

It has seen 182 industry players being accredited for their commitment to quality.

This has enabled them to increase their market reach locally and globally.

Rizal adds that branding is a key component of a company, a product or a service and gives it an identity. It is a visible symbol for a customer, a user and a business partner.

“SME Corp is aware of its importance. Hence, the continuous running of the NMMB (programme) complements efforts by SMEs to reach out to markets beyond our shores,” he adds.

He hopes more SMEs will take the initiative to get accredited as this will help them to be more competitive and contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

The NMMB is conducted with SME Corp’s strategic partner, Sirim QAS International Sdn Bhd. Sirim QAS is Malaysia’s leading certification, inspection and testing body with over three decades of providing certification, inspection and testing services under Sirim Bhd.

All submissions will be evaluated, audited and monitored to ensure that applicants adhere to the strict standards set up by Sirim QAS. Successful applicants will be allowed to carry the NMMB brand on their product for two years.

The certification programme also allows SMEs to gain access to financial incentives, prioritised for trade promotional activities domestically and abroad, as well as participate in various courses and workshops by SME Corp. Malaysia

This year,  SME Corp. Malaysia  with Sirim QAS, will also conduct outreach and workshops that focuses on branding and trademark to help SMEs develope and enhance their quality and branding.



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