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GrowBiz Programme


What is GrowBiz?

GrowBiz Programme is an initiative under the Micro Entrepreneur Business Development Programme (BizME) by SME Corp. Malaysia which specifically aims to enhance knowledge and guide micro enterprises in upgrading their businesses into small-sized enterprises. GrowBiz will be conducted by a qualified Implementation Partner appointed by SME Corp. Malaysia with vast experience on MSME business transformation.


What does it aim?

GrowBiz employs a structured modular hand-holding approach which includes the elements of business coaching and training, business rating and certification, as well as business monitoring in order to guide micro enterprises to transform their businesses to the next level.


What to expect?

All GrowBiz participants are required to undergo a specialised and customised training module which includes:

  • Self-Transformation
  • Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Business Communication 
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing & Branding 
  • Resource Management & Finance  
  • Business Compliance & Legislation 
  • Technology Transformation & Digitalisation 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Business Models & Systems

Who are its targets?

GrowBiz is open to micro enterprises with positive outlook and ready to transform to new norm that wish to grow their businesses to the next level. Micro enterprises from all over Malaysia to represent various races, sectors and industries will be selected to participate in this programme including women-owned and youth-owned micro enterprises.


How is it conducted?

  • GrowBiz offers intensive training to eligible participating micro enterprises.
  • Training and coaching sessions for participating micro enterprises will be conducted hands-on by the Implementation Partner.
  • Participating micro enterprises will be monitored for assessment by the Implementation Partner within six (6) months from the commencement of training session and six (6) months after the completion of the programme.
  • Participating micro enterprises should undergo the SCORE rating by SME Corp. Malaysia during the implementation period of the GrowBiz 2023 Programme to evaluate their current performance.
  • Participating micro enterprises should register MSME Status by SME Corp. Malaysia to validate that a company / business is a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) over the programme period.


What is the fee structure?

SME Corp. Malaysia will fund 70% of the programme package cost for all GrowBiz participants. Participating micro enterprises shall only need to pay the remaining 30% as a participation fee along with a charge of RM600.00 for MSME Status registration and SCORE rating.


Who are eligible?

  1. Micro Enterprises with annual sales of at least RM200,000 with priority given to businesses that have achieved annual sales turnover of at least RM250,000.
  2. Micro Enterprises registered under the Companies Act 1965 or 2016 / Business Registration (1956) / Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012 / Business, Profession & Licensing Trade Ordinance (ONLY for Sabah and Sarawak) / registered with any professional body that is recognised by law.
  3. At least 60% of the equity owned by Malaysian citizen.
  4. Operate from valid business premises and approved Business License from Local Authority.
  5. Company must submit latest Audited Financial Statement / Management Account for at least one (1) year (latest).
  6. Priority will be given to companies that have received a rating of at least Level 3 in MCORE or 1 Star in SCORE assessment.
  7. Micro enterprises involved in high impact industries as follows are encouraged to apply:
    1. Smart farming
    2. Aerospace
    3. Electrical and electronics
    4. Medical devices
    5. Halal industry
    6. Tourism
    7. Oil & gas
    8. Biomass / Biotechnology
    9. Health & lifestyle


How are participants selected?

  • An interview session will be conducted for the selection of participants.
  • SME Corp. Malaysia reserves the rights for the final selection of participants. Only successful applicants shall be notified.


  • Applicants from any micro enterprise which has participated in the previous GrowBiz Programme are not eligible to participate in the GrowBiz 2023 Programme.


Who to contact?

If you are interested to enroll into the GrowBiz 2023 Programme, kindly submit your application to the following:.

Policy Monitoring and Inclusive Development Division

SME Corp. Malaysia
Level 6 Block C Platinum Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

GrowBiz Programme Secretariat
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Infoline: 1 300 30 6000


When is the deadline?

31 March 2023 

List of Alumnis for GrowBiz Programme 2021/2022
* For further information, please click the company name 

  Nama syarikat Produk / Perkhidmatan
1 Beauty And Billionaire Empire Sdn Bdn Kecantikan 
2 Cahaya Kembar Enterprise Spa & Beauty
3 Kroh Electrical Engineering  Pemborong, Pembekal & Peruncit Barangan Perkakasan Elektrik & Penyaman Udara.
4 Yi Shan Ge Enterprise Shay Brand Cold Brew Tea & Tea Set
5 D Baraka Burrito Restoran Makanan Mexico
6 Yus Workshop & Services Services Baikpulih Kenderaan
7 Kasturi Capital Holding Sdn. Bhd.  Food And Beverage - Restaurant Nypd 
8 La' Seri Collections Kraf Akademi /Fashion/Life Style With Rough, Nature & Native / Conventional & Comtemporary
9 Hanc Global Food Sdn Bhd Pengeluar Sambal & Pes Masakan
10 Daminshah Enterprise Kontraktor
11 Restoran Bamboo House Makanan Dan Minuman
12 Almas Niaga Sdn Bhd Pakaian & Kurma
13 Barokah Agro Enterprise Ikan Keli Segar Dan Cili Besar
14 Percetakan Darul Rizq & Enterprise Percetakan
15 Mama Keen Empire Pembuatan Rempeyek Dan Katering 
16 Monkeynastix (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.  Physical Education Movement For Kids 1-8 Years Old
17 Salai Warisan Bonda Enterprise Daging Salai , Keli Salai ,Puyuh Salai, Itik Salai
18 S&J Hustle Empire Makanan
19 Jaz Resources Pastri Dan Kek
20 Saleha Mat Couture Service/ Gaya Hidup
21 Toys Planet Star Enterprise  Membekal Dan Menjual Peralatan Sekolah Utk Anak2 Berkeperluan Khas 
22 Apple Spray Resources Mengecat Dan Membaikpulih Kenderaan Luaran Dan Dalaman Kenderaan.
23 Haqira Medicare Sdn Bhd Medical
24 Chung Sign Solutions Sdn Bhd Signboard Dan Signage
25 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Kuih Bahulu
26 Bella Zarra Catering Services  Pembuatan Sambal Dan Pes Masakkan 
27 Cr Khan Global Trading Frozen Food
28 Kalori Truck Food Truck
29 Innovative Chocolate Sdn Bhd Produk Coklat, Minuman Coklat Dan Snek Berasaskan Koko
30 Mozacrunch International Sdn Bhd Food And Beverages
31 Tehki Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Noodles Manufacturing
32 Mto Resources  Kami Ada Pengeluar Produk Penjagaan Berpantang Berjenama Tungbayee
33 Azlans Enterprise Foodtruck (Pisang Goreng Cheese)
34 Absolute Wellness Studio Senaman
35 Healin Resources Central Sdn Bhd Suplimen Kesihatan Dan Rawatan Estetik
36 Skybarrel Sdn Bhd Edible Bird’S Nest (Sarang Burung Walet)
37 Kiddie Care Centrem Terapi Carakerja Untuk Kanak-Kanak Berkeperluan Khas 
38 Shiffa Enterprise Rempah Kari
39 Mee Rebus Wan Chik Kedai Makan Mee Rebus Dan Bihun Sup Utara Dan Rakan Niaga Goreng Pisang Crispy
40 My Delicacies  Produk
41 Famillion Sdn Bhd Msp -My Smart Plan
42 Omega Office Solutions Menjual ,Menyewa ,Mesin Prostate Dan Percetakan
43 Nuri Wellness Centre Perkhidmatan Urut, Refleksologi Dan Akupuntur
44 Ayayu Sdn Bhd Batik Textile Dan Fashion Handcrafted In Malaysia
45 Rq Expert Supplies Pets Supplies
46 Iddas Frozen  Pengeluar Dan Pembekal Kuih Muih Sejuk Beku 
47 Kaki Lima Burger Bakar Makanan ( Nasi Kandar)



Programme implementation is based on the availability of funds for 2023. SME Corp. Malaysia reserves the rights to select or decline any application for participation in GrowBiz 2023 Programme that does not meet the criteria as well as terms and conditions set. Decisions are final and any appeals shall not be considered.



SME Corporation Malaysia
Level 6, SME 1, Block B 
Platinum Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral 2
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Info Line: 1300-30-6000
Fax Line: 03-2775 6001
Email: info[at]smecorp[dot]gov[dot]my

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