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Profile of MSMEs in 2016-2021


The landscape of MSMEs has grown considerably well since 2016 until 2021. Based on the latest data in Malaysia Statistical Business Register (MSBR) published by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM), there were altogether 1,226,494 MSMEs in 2021 which accounts for 97.4% of overall establishments in Malaysia. There has been an increment of about 140,000 firms as compared to a total of 1,086,533 MSMEs in 2016, thus registering an average growth rate of 5.2% per annum during the six-year period.




Focusing on the key economic sectors, the services sector has consistently accounted for more than 80% of all MSMEs throughout the period. For the latest 2021 MSMEs profile, services sector constituted 83.8%, amounting to 1,028,403 firms. The construction sector remained to be the second largest contributor at 8.0% (98,274 firms). Meanwhile, about 5.8% of MSMEs (71,612 firms) were involved in the manufacturing sector, followed by 1.9% (23,633 firms) in the agriculture sector, with the remaining 0.4% (4,572 firms) in the mining & quarrying sector.




In terms of business size, microenterprises were prominent as it accounted for the largest share of MSMEs component. From 2016 until 2021, there has been an increment of more than 150,000 microenterprises, registering an average growth rate of 5.6% every year. Looking at the composition in 2021, microenterprises made up 78.6% (964,495 firms) of the total MSME establishments, small-sized firms formed 19.8% (242,540 firms) and the balance 1.6% (19,459 firms) were medium-sized MSMEs.




Updated: September 2022

Source: Malaysia Statistical Business Register, Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM)
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